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Cheloy’s Living Food Cuisine

Organic. Fresh. Alive.
Epicurean Raw Vegan
Now you can have it.

Either you come to our place or you dial us and we deliver.

You can get a continuous supply of your favorite raw food treats and take them to work, or we deliver raw food meals for lunch or dinner without having to prepare it yourself – – – simply because we are here for you !!!

MENU 1 (Php 1,100/head)

Cocktail: Green Smoothie
Starter: Assorted Vegetable Sushi
Salad: cheloy’s salad
Main Course: Fettucine Alfredo
Dessert: Walnut-Raisin Torte

MENU 2 (Php 1,200/head)

Cocktail: Thai Lemonade with Basil seeds
Starters: Mixed-herbs Mango Wraps with creamy Thai dressing
Salad: Cheloy’s salad
Main course: PHAD THAI
Dessert: Mocha Pudding with
vanilla cream
hand-out for detoxification

MENU 3 (Php 1,400/head)

Cocktail: Thai Lemonade with basil seeds
Starters: Golden Flax seed Flatbread- Swiss Fennel Pizza with Hummus and green olive tapenade
Salad: Jicama “Potato salad” with potato dressing and black sesame seeds
Main Course:Portobello Steak with rosemary garlic “mashed potato”
Dessert: Mocha Pudding with
Vanilla Cream
hand-out for detoxification

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